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KHFT 1160 AM Radio Project Information

Note:  The station must be on the air by January 2012, otherwise the FCC voids the permit.
**** Note: November 2, 2011 Mat-Su Borough repealed 17.60.140.

Proposed Tower Location and Coverage
FCC, FAA, Engineering and NEPA Documents
Conditional Use Permit Process 
 *** Required Documentation for CUP Application

Proposed Tower Location and Coverage:

Latitude and Longitude
Lat: 61°26'4.33"N
Long: 149°46'46.69"W
Addresses - 
Property Record address:  12559 S Ella Louise Circle, Wasilla AK
Google Earth or Google Maps Location: 12559 Ella Mae Wasilla AK
Driving Directions from Wasilla Church
Driving directions to Ella Mae, Wasilla, AK 99654
19.1 mi – about 45 mins
2001 Lucille St
Wasilla, AK 99654
1. Head south on Lucille St toward Jensen Cir
1.1 mi
2. Turn left at Danna Ave
0.2 mi
3. Turn right at Wasilla-Fishhook Rd
0.4 mi
4. Continue on S Knik-Goose Bay Rd
16.8 mi
5. Turn left at Porcupine Rd
0.2 mi
6. Slight left at Ella Mae
0.4 mi


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FCC, FAA, Engineering Documents:

FCC Construction Permit

FAA Permission

Engineering Report
NEPA Final Report

FAA Advisory Circular with Lighting Guidlines
FAA Advisory Circular

Matanuska-Susitna Borough Wireless Telecommunication Tower Project
Wireless Telecommunication Project Report

Location | Maps | Documents | CUP

Part of Mat-Su Borough Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Process

Mat-su Borough Code 17.60.140
  • Mail out notices to neighbors 21 days before Public comments meeting
  • Notices Mailed out week of Feb 24th
  • Visit to Borough on Feb 25th indicates 47 additional letters need to be mailed out
  • Additional letters to be mailed out by March 2nd
  • Hold Public Comments Meeting  March 24th, 7pm, at Knik Public Safety Buiding
  • Assemble Comments and add them to the CUP Application
  • Have Application accepted by Mat-Su Borough Planning Department
  • Borough Planning Commission holds formal hearings on the CUP Application

Required Documentation for CUP Application


(G) As part of the application for conditional use permit under this section, the applicant shall provide the following
supporting information:
(1) Citizen participation report, as outlined in subsection (J) of this section.
(2) A plan of development and operations describing the proposed use in detail sufficient to demonstrate
compliance with all applicable borough ordinances, standards, and conditions. At a minimum this submittal shall
also include:
(a) Name, title, and contact telephone numbers for persons in charge of the operation and who will
be responsible for compliance with the permit.
(b) Legal description of the subject parcel and borough tax account number. A location by latitude
and longitude may also be required at the discretion of the planning director if appropriate to implement
the requirements of this chapter.
(c) Current maps at appropriate scale, showing: the location of the proposed use, the locations of
other tall structure facilities operated by the applicant, and those proposed by the applicant that are
within the borough or outside of the borough but within one-half mile of the borough boundary, the
designated residential districts, and the existing residential uses within one-half mile of the proposed
(d) Evidence of compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws regarding the proposed
use of the property.
(e) An organization chart or description identifying the lines of responsibility and general function
of the organization that will own and operate the facility.
(f) A description of all major types of activities proposed to occur on the site including at a
minimum, the purpose, number, type, and general performance specifications of all tall structures and
antennas, on-site staffing, accessory structures, equipment such as generators, and plans for
collocation of other tall structures and antennas on the site.
(g) A general description of the security and safety measures proposed to protect the public
4/18/2010 PL_frm
nt5.scbbs.com/cgi-bin/om_isapi.dll?clie… 8/12
(h) A site plan, drawn to scale under the seal of a qualified Alaska registered surveyor, clearly
indicating all site boundaries, location of existing and proposed tall structures, antennas, other
structures, and other development on site, means of access, screening and fencing, topography,
landscaping, drainage management, adjacent public easements, and rights-of-way.
(i) Elevation drawings of the facilities depicting existing and proposed tall structures, other
structures, landscaping, proposed color(s), method of camouflage, and illumination. Photo simulations
may be used to provide required information.
(j) Certification by a qualified Alaska licensed professional engineer that the structural integrity of
the tall structure is in compliance with applicable safety standards.
(k) Signed statements by the applicant containing the following information:
(i) confirmation the proposed use is not part of a larger network or explanation of the
proposed facility's function in a network;
(ii) the feasibility of locating the facility in a district where the tall structure would be
permitted as an administratively approved use;
(iii) an explanation of why the proposed facility cannot be located on an existing facility;
(iv) a description of how the tall structure will accommodate collocation of additional
antennas and other compatible services for future users or why such collocation is not
(v) agreement by the applicant and landlord to remove the facility within 90 days after
abandonment or termination of the permit; and
(vi) assurance the proposed uses and structures shall comply with all Federal Aviation
Administration, Federal Communications Commission, and other applicable federal, state, and
local laws and regulations.

(J) Citizen Participation Report. The applicant shall provide a written report with the conditional use permit
application on the results of their citizen participation process. The citizen participation report shall include the following
(1) Details of techniques the applicant used to involve the public, including:
(a) dates and locations of all meetings where citizens were invited to discuss the applicant's
(b) content, dates mailed, and numbers of mailings, including letters, meeting notices, newsletters
and other publications;
(c) the location of residents, property owners, and interested parties, who have requested they be
kept informed receiving notices, newsletters, or other written materials; and
(d) the number of people who attended meetings, and number of written comments received.
(2) Copies of written comments.
(3) A written summary that addresses the following:
(a) the substance of the public's concerns, issues, and problems;
(b) how the applicant has addressed, or intends to address, concerns, issues and problems
expressed during the process; and
(c) concerns, issues, and problems the applicant has not addressed or does not intend to address
and why.

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